Random thought of the day…

The NAACP is not an organization that is for the best interest of the truly progressive thinking, heterosexual black man. None of these organizations are as they are the ones responsible for the death of the 1970s black film movement. They are the ones who killed the black male action hero. It’s up to me to resurrect him.

It’s time for black men to tell their own stories and stop feeling like they need permission to do anything in life. Stop thinking you need Pinkasaurus Rex’s approval to do your thing and live your life. You can do anything without having to cater to Lord Euro or Bumqueisha. It’s a new millennium and black men, it’s time for you to reclaim your masculinity.

My Mission Statement…

Ever since the Africans who were sold out by other Africans to Arabs and Europeans landed on what would become American soil, the black man has never had a fair representation – in both the media and in real life. From the depiction of black men from minstrel shows (old blackface) to DW Griffith’s “Birth of a Nation” and so forth, the image of black men have been less than favorable. Enter the great Oscar Micheaux – a self made entrepreneur who lived a fascinating life and build himself up to be a pioneer in black entertainment. His early films were reactions to the Griffith film and established himself as a black director who would lead the charge in the ‘race films’ – films that had an all black cast that were played in black theaters. Micheaux started out as an author in which some these books were adapted into films. After the research I did on the man, he left a legacy that many black filmmakers would emulate in one way or another.

Jump a few decades to the ‘Blaxploitation’ era. Now I’m not getting into the details about this right now. That said, since the race film, this was the biggest movement in black film, which hasn’t been matched to this day. The blaxploitation films were about black men (and women) getting their pound of flesh against the corrupt, racist establishment. The black man was allowed to me masculine, fight back and love the ladies – including the white ladies. The term ‘blaxploitation’ in itself is derogatory, and I’ll explain this later. One of the leading actors of these films was Fred ‘ The Hammer’ Williamson. Fred had three rules and I’ll quote him from an interview he did a few years ago…

I got into producing and directing for the simple reason they want to kill the black guy in the first five minutes of the film — and have Arnold Schwarzenegger avenge his death. That’s not what I got into the business for. Kill Schwarzenegger and let me avenge his death. That’s what I’m about. I’ve got three rules in Hollywood: (1) You can’t kill me in the movie, (2) I want to win all my fights in a movie, and (3) I get the girl at the end of the movie if I want her. I throw in the third one knowing full well that they’re not going to give me that one, so I give them an out by saying, ‘You’ve got to do two out of the three.’

Those are Fred’s words and how he portrayed himself in his films is how every young black man should aspire to be IMO. Following the business model of Oscar Micheaux, Fred set up his own production company Po’Boy Productions. Fred wrote, financed, starred in, directed and distributed HIS OWN films. Money makers in the States and abroad.

With the demise of the Blaxploitation films, black films have been few in between that followed that pattern. You had your black film movements of the 1990s that had a niche following. On the flip side, mainstream media loves to portray black men as ignorant, buffoonish, lazy, slothful and effeminate, emasculated eunuchs. As far as sex, the brothas get the fat, sloppy fuglies or they get with ball busting wenches. Interracial relationships on film are a no-no, unless the brother is friend zoned (i.e. Rey and Finn). Either that or make him gay or give him a homely looking female of another race. To add insult to injury, today’s black cinema is ‘woke’ SJW garbage. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired and I’m fed up with the BS.

“So Frank, what do you plan to do about this?”

Great question! I’m glad you asked. My objective is to do what I can to correct the image of the black MAN by creating and pushing MY NARRATIVE. It is my plan, vision and agenda to follow the path of Micheaux and Williamson with my take on things and how they should be. I can’t give all the details here, but I will start by doing what a somewhat known negro YouTuber has done but failed – I learned from HIS mistakes. This is the first step and by 2021, the shot will be heard around the World Wide Web!